Variant Detonation
Kana 巨人の悪戯バリアント・デトネイション
Romaji Barianto Detoneishon
Other Names Prank of the Giant
Type Sacred Gear
Forms Detonation Mighty Comet
Abilities Creates explosions after coming in contact with an object
Creates missile-like projectiles (Detonation Mighty Comet)
Wielder(s) Heracles

Variant Detonation, also known as the Prank of the Giant, is a Sacred Gear wielded by Heracles of the Khaos Brigade's Hero Faction.


Variant Detonation doesn't have any physical form, instead it appears in the form of a glowing aura that surrounds the wielder's body.


Variant Detonation has the ability to generate explosions on anything the wielder comes into contact with.


Detonation Mighty CometEdit

Detonation Mighty Comet (超人による悪意の波動デトネイション・マイティ・コメット, Detoneishon Maiti Kometto), also known as the Malicious Wave of the Superman, is the Balance Breaker of Variant Detonation that causes the aura around the wielder's body to glow that forms into a multitude of missile-like objects for the wielder to discharge towards their enemies.


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