What belongs really to Issei as of now?

I reread the LN recently and I thought that Issei doesn't really owns anything, since almost everything was either taken over by the girls or never was his to begin with.

  • His body belongs to Rias because she is his master with the exeption of his lap which belongs most of the time to Koneko
  • his heart is hers because of his feelings
  • his mind could go with Draig who knows everything and anything that Issei imagines, thinks, dreams, etc.
  • the house of his parents and even more his room was taken over by Rias. In addition his bed goes to all the girls quite often but at least always to Rias and Asia.

The only things which belong to him are the virginities and several other first times of the girls as their first kisses (Rias, Asia and Akeno as of now for the kisses) and the hearts of the four girls who proposed to him, since he knows their hearts belong to him, but taking the virginities still has to happen and it's just a mutual understanding between the readers since as a matter of fact only Rias has declared that if Issei wants to take her virginity she takes his even if she only said it between the lines as a response to Azazel's idea of a "virgin graduation tour".

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