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    All peerages with at least one known member can be used and the strategies can include the whole peerage, a part of the peerage or just one person of the peerage, as long as they and their abilities are already known.

    An example for a stategy could be:

    All members of the Gremory group use their strongest ranged attacks right at the start of the game (most likely useless against stonger opponents).

    Rather simple strategies like this as well as more complex ones are welcome.

    WHO takes part, HOW is it executed and WHEN? Additionally you could also include the strong and weak points of your strategies.

    The currently know peerages are:

    1. Rias' peerage

    2. Sona's peerage

    3. Sairaorg's peerage

    4. Sirzechs' peerage

    5. Riser's peerage

    6. Diodora's peerage

    If I…

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    Which of the girls would be most suited for you and why? This is not necessarily your favourite girl in Issei's harem and the question also includes the girls around him as the Sitri group, Grayfia, Serafall, etc.

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    There is quite the variety of possibilities, out of these possibilities the ecchi life style is quite obvious, since every guy who doesn't think about something like this would be more fitting as the best friend of Vali or would be an angel.

    So what would you do?

    How would you interact with a certain character?

    How would you react in a certain situation?


    I hope for many ideas and suggestions, since  I like these parts where Issei has a "normal" daily life but it was recently quite short.

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    What belongs really to Issei as of now?

    I reread the LN recently and I thought that Issei doesn't really owns anything, since almost everything was either taken over by the girls or never was his to begin with.

    • His body belongs to Rias because she is his master with the exeption of his lap which belongs most of the time to Koneko
    • his heart is hers because of his feelings
    • his mind could go with Draig who knows everything and anything that Issei imagines, thinks, dreams, etc.
    • the house of his parents and even more his room was taken over by Rias. In addition his bed goes to all the girls quite often but at least always to Rias and Asia.

    The only things which belong to him are the virginities and several other first times of the girls as their firs…

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