Hi there, Trihexa here. This is my first blog post (only just figured out how to even add a blog), so I decided to explore  the frequently mentioned "Top 10 Most Powerful Beings In The World" list. So here is my representation of the list, this is based of the light novels, side stories and a few months of on and off research:

  1. Trihexa and The Great Red - The Beasts Recorded in the Apocalypse / Book of Revelations.
  2. Lilith and Ophis (Only when combined as one) - The Infinite Dragon God.
  3. Shiva - The God of Destruction.
  4. Indra - King of Heaven and Gods (In HINDU mythology only).
  5. God of the Bible - The most famous God, the one who sealed Ddraig and Albion.
  6. Ddraig and Albion - Both have enough power to kill #5 themselves.
  7. Crom Cruach - An evil Dragon who trained hard enough and supposedly has Heavenly Dragon class power.
  8. Hades - The God of the Realm of Dead, part of the Greek God Olympius Trinity.
  9. Rizevim Lucifer, Sirzechs Lucifer and Ajuka Beelzebub - Super Devils with tons of power.
  10. Fenrir - Son of Loki, has enough power to kill almost any God with his fangs.