Alright, obviously Fafnir's Outrage ability was shown in Volume 18, and it put him on the same level as Rivan Livan Lucifer in terms of power, who is on the Top 10 Most Powerful Beings In The World list. It also showed that he could swing Lilith away, which is an impressive feat considering Lilith to be twice as powerful as the Heavenly Dragons.

Anyway, with the higher-level Dragons, wouldn't that mean that Great Red, the most dominant being in the universe, have an Outrage ability which would basically make him the ruler of the universe?

Also, wouldn't this mean that Ddraig or Albion have enough power to be on par with the higher ranked Gods, such as Shiva or Indra?

I don't know for now, but feel free to comment on your speculations on this topic.

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