Doesn't anyone else think that High School DxD has the potential to get a MMO? But of course they will have to make a game of the main series to set the basic game systems (like Phantasy Star Universe did).


Classes Evil Pieces: King, Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook, Pawn; Brave Saints: Ace, Joker
Races Devils, Fallen Angels, Angels, etc.
Pet Familiars
Weapons Sacred Gears, Holy Swords, Demon Swords, Artificial Sacred Gears, etc.
Home Example: Property in the Underworld
Side Quests Devil Jobs, Eliminating Stray Devils, Suppressing Terrorist, etc.
Competition Rating Games
Story Could take place after the main series at Kuoh Academy with caracters from the main series making cameo appearances. (Example: Rossweisse being a teacher still.)
Ranking Devils: Low Class, Middle Class with title (Example: Knight/Dame), etc.
Guilds Clans (Example: Gemory Clan, Phenex Clan, etc.) or Peerages

Might be adding more to the list.

Anyone has any opinion on this?

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