This was an feelistic chapter that made me tears

Issei's parents accepting their son as a diabolical dragon  and give him courage to fight against Rizevim.

and Shit is going to happened because of  the beast of domination known as trihexa and Shiva and Ajuka Beelzebulb just watching from the side like it was an apocalypse movie (well, if the other dimension was been invaded then maybe it will happened)...

Issei's Overdrive with Ophis power was insane that make the sacred gear canceller worthless and I also thought that Belial was a good person because of his noble heart that he shoulder the burden for the sake of his peerage.

I have a feeling that this next volume will be the last fight or so-called boss battle. Well I hope they won't timeskip to the ending at the last life of the next volume

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