Out of all harem anime that was introduce in early 2000 I guess, Issei is the first anime character that stated his goal and that is becoming harem king...... In 2014, Issei's dream about dress break has been applied to the anime called Trinity Seven.  Its character also has the trait of having a decent harem and live up as what Issei experiencing.  Rito of To love-ru is also a candidate when Lala was introduce and change his normal life...... If Luffy from one piece is not dumb, kindhearted person and usually a gentleman type but has strong will to resist lust and fight girls if necessary, I guess he gathers many woman aside from his crewmates and have harem worldwide also one of those many girls was princess of different kingdoms...  Many harem candidates has been introduce since 2000 that I didn't know and there are still to come...... I guess being a true harem king in anime world is hard that Issei must overcome and I look forward to it...

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