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  • Swordbirth18

    This was an feelistic chapter that made me tears

    Issei's parents accepting their son as a diabolical dragon  and give him courage to fight against Rizevim.

    and Shit is going to happened because of  the beast of domination known as trihexa and Shiva and Ajuka Beelzebulb just watching from the side like it was an apocalypse movie (well, if the other dimension was been invaded then maybe it will happened)...

    Issei's Overdrive with Ophis power was insane that make the sacred gear canceller worthless and I also thought that Belial was a good person because of his noble heart that he shoulder the burden for the sake of his peerage.

    I have a feeling that this next volume will be the last fight or so-called boss battle. Well I hope they won't timeskip…

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  • Swordbirth18

    With due respect to those people who is on a relationship with the same gender, and a royal or normal family that was into a romantic relationship with each other.  I would like to have a serious argument and also open-mindedness of the participants of this said debate.

    Homosexuality and Incest were both morally, ethically, religiously, socially, and anatomically forbidden by most society.  Apparently some said that incestous relationship is worst than homosexuality because their reason is, homosexuality was only sexual preference while incest conducts sexuality which is in my concept, its invalid since homosexuality sometimes involve the said activities as incest but the difference is that it was impossible for the same gender to have a ch…

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  • Swordbirth18

    I would like to know

    January 20, 2016 by Swordbirth18

    Apparently, most of the country in this world forbids incest and views them as disgusting relationship..  The question is, are you the ones of those who views them as disgusting?

    I research about this weird relationship and I discovered that the baby which was born from biologically related genes would probably have physical or mental defects...  If I would say it in percentage, there is 88-90% defect rate that can happened on that certain child.  Even though some has a normal child born from incestous relationship.

    I dont grudge on people who have exceeded on familial love and go into incestous love..  But I would like to know whom among the people around the world that sympathize and respect their decisions without having disgust.

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  • Swordbirth18

    NTR vs Harem

    December 12, 2015 by Swordbirth18

    Personally, I read/watch a manga/an anime (whether it has explicit content or not) and I must say, if I am on the MC's situation in a NTR scene, it may probably turned into school days where I slice the head of the girl that I love and cut his concubine's manhood...  I would like to prefer harem because, it gives the girls/boys attention equally and not making others to make feel jealous and because it is more romantic than destroying other's relationship.  To you guys, what set up would you prefer, an adulterous/infidelity/NTR anime or a harem anime?

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  • Swordbirth18

    It was hilarious when Raiser is afraid of Issei when he showed up, too bad some scene were remove to make it approximately 23 mins such as dragging him out of his bed by Issei and his servants... The animated fight scene was full of intensity as they battle with  naked girls at stake and it was fun...  Overall, it was really god, now waiting for Sub.. xD

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