All right sorry it took so long, did not knew I was suppost to make this page (no one told how all this works) but any way here's my review for the episode.

The episode starts off pretty great, it shows the battle between Sairaorg and what's his name (couldn't be botherd to remember the name) and it shows more of Sairaorg's badassery in play like a complete BOSS.

We see some of Diodora's Peerage maybe we could even make a page for it. Really glad they showed that meeting about Bishop swap especialy the part where Asia's slaps Diodora, and his eyes were really a good touch to psychotic personality (or possisibly on acid or weed).

So Vali did come over to give Issei some advice but insted of Bikou, Kuroka took his place and added the part where she ask for his babies, which in my opinion is one of the few good alteration to the season.

I did enjoy the Erotic Cosplay Off battle even if it's shorten compared to the LN and they only wore just one costume insted of changing through various clothing. Definately liked the scene with Koneko going "nyaa".

I was kinda disapointed that they didn't include the moment with Ravel but Rias says someone want's issei as a guest apperance at a TV studio, which I think is where he has his interview and hopfully Ravel could appear there (fingers crossed).

When Diodora kidnapped Asia, that scene when the camera zoomed in on his eyes, classic moment for mentaly insane anime villains. Gungnir's desigh looked kinda more like a Trident insted only not as fierce looking. Loved the scene where Azazel uses his Rocket Fist to sucker punch the guy without looking. XXD

Over all I give it a 9/10, I would've given it a 10 if Ravel was in it.

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