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    Make your own chant

    June 23, 2014 by Sinbad765

    Hi! Sinbad765 here!

    Well the people from TNK has now announce the third season of High School DxD. Now we will be able to see the parts that we been wanting to see ever since we read the Light Novels. And from looking at the charts on, most of you want to see Ise's Juggernaut Drive.

    After chatting with one you guy on here, I have decided to make this blog so that anyone who made a chant of their own can post on here. It can be whatever you like.

    Let me give you an example of one:

    "I, who is about to awaken, am the Fire Dragon Lord who is the light of the world"

    "I walk the infinite path to the glorious dream."

    "I shall become the Dragon Lord of the Sun."

    "And I shall bring…

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    This may be too early to talk about, but I want to ask for your opinion.

    Let say that Funimation actually made High School DxD New in English Dub. Which voice actors do you think will be good for the following characters:

    • Aika Kiriyuu
    • Irina Shidou
    • Xenovia
    • Gasper Vladi
    • Azazel
    • Albion
    • Vali Lucifer
    • Kokabiel
    • Valper Galilei
    • Lord Gremory
    • Micheal
    • Serafall Leviathan
    • Katerea Leviathan
    • Bikou

    You don't have to do all of them if you don't want too. This is just your opinion.

    Attention readers!

    WIth the help of SageM, We have made a list of which english voice actor we think will best fit the new characters shown in High School DxD New:

    • Aika Kiriyuu- Kate Higgins or Terri Doty
    • Irina Shidou- Alexis Tipton or Julie Maddalena
    • Xenovia- Michelle Ruff
    • Gasper Vladi- Sherry Lynn
    • Azaz…
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    In the novel they said that the 13 Longinus have the power to kill a God. In your opinion, how powerful must they be in order to kill the God of the Bible who made both Heaven and Earth.

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