- Several questions have come to me while watching the anime & reading the light novel. If any of these have been covered in the main or side stories, I might have missed it.

1. "What's Kiba's deal? Is he gay? Is he dead below the belt like Vali? or what?"

the guy is handsome and charming enough that, besides the girls of the ORC and about half the Student Council, he could have his pick of any girl in the school, not to mention the horde of female fans in the Underworld. And speaking of the ORC, that club holds the most beautiful girls in the school, yet Kiba has never shown anything but the love of friends & family. Issei has been pondering this several times throughout the series ever since he and Kiba became buds, and I'm wondering if there's ever gonna be an answer.

2. Is it ever explained how the Hyoudou's neighbors reacted to the appearance of a six-story mansion overnight?

I can guess it's just a large-scale version of Rias' Devil Mind Trick (the one she used on Issei's parents to explain why they were caught in the buff together in ep.2) but it was never covered.

3. In later volumes, Matsuda & Motohama seem aware of the new Hyoudou residence and the fact that the girls live there. When did this happen? I was kinda looking forward to their reaction.

4. Are Bennia & Le Fay gonna enroll as 1st years in the upcoming new school year? Will they bond over their fandom of "Oppai Dragon"?

5. Is Koneko ever gonna start growing? even a little bit? (Not counting 'Shirone mode 2')

True, it's only been less than a year in the story, but Asia & Ravel have made noticeable growth. If she did, I suppose the author couldn't use the bit where she gets pissed at anyone mentioning the words 'flat' or 'midget', etc. anymore but then again in anime and such, running gags like that tend to get overused.

6. Phoenix vs. Phenex

Knowing the correct spelling is 'Phoenix', is 'Phenex' how the family spells their name? Or was it a mispelling somewhere along the process and others mistook it for the way the family name is spelled?

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