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    - Several questions have come to me while watching the anime & reading the light novel. If any of these have been covered in the main or side stories, I might have missed it.

    1. "What's Kiba's deal? Is he gay? Is he dead below the belt like Vali? or what?"

    the guy is handsome and charming enough that, besides the girls of the ORC and about half the Student Council, he could have his pick of any girl in the school, not to mention the horde of female fans in the Underworld. And speaking of the ORC, that club holds the most beautiful girls in the school, yet Kiba has never shown anything but the love of friends & family. Issei has been pondering this several times throughout the series ever since he and Kiba became buds, and I'm wondering if t…

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  • Raze1313

    Issei's Future Peerage

    October 6, 2014 by Raze1313

    - I know this subject must have been covered numerous times, but I'm just putting my thoughts out there...


    Options for Issei's future servants based on existing characters. Spots for certain characters depend greatly on the answers to the following questions...

    1. "Can Evil Pieces be changed out?" A: I would guess no, but I would think it's at least more likely w/a servant who was a Devil to begin with (like Ravel).

    2. "What is the policy on taking in servants whose previous master had died?" (ex. Kuroka & Diodora Astaroth's surviving peerage) A: I would guess you can, and as an extension of the previous question, it seems logical that you would need to switch the former King's piece(s) for your own.

    - QUE…

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