I was reading the pages for the Evil Pieces and Brave Saints when something hit me: if the angels and devils could replenish their number by reincarnating humans and other creatures then why can't dragons do the same?

Suppose a system like this did exist: what would it be called (I used the name "Dragon Fang" as an ex.), what powers would it give, what conditions would it have, how many could you reincarnate, etc.

I'm not really asking whether something like this could exist or not, I simply want to know how YOU would design the system if it were possible.

P.S. I'm righting some fan. fic. right now and I'm think of having Issei be the first and only person to use this system as a way of increasing the number of dragons and building his harem so I'd really like some input from other fans. I'll add a list with my own ideas after I do a little brainstorming.

My thoughts so far: (the reincarnated dragons will be refered to as Demi-Dragons)

  1. Method: Issei will produce green gems from his Boosted Gear (similar to the ones on his Scale Mail) and use them in a similar fashion to the Evil Pieces.
  2. Appearence: The reincarnated individual will retain their previous appearence, albeit with a pair of dragon-like wings (of varying colors) that can be hidden at will.
  3. Abilities: In addition to increased physical abilities (strength,endurance, etc.) and enhanced senses (increased hearing and eyesight), the reincarnated individual will retain any abilities or Sacred Gears they possessed beforehand.
  4. Life Span: All Dragons have limitless lifespans, as they don't age after reaching maturity and only die if killed.
  5. Dragon Abilities: Since the Dragon Fangs system involves the Boosted Gear, the reincarnated individuals will develop the ability create their own armor. However, this armor will be more or less like Azazel's artificial Sacred Gear "Down Fall Dragon Spear." For the armor's appearence, I'm using Erza Scarlet's (from Fairy Tail) armor for practicality.
  6. Dragon Gate: The Dragon Gate is a magic circle exclusive to Dragons. The Dragon Gate allows them to summon another Dragon. Reincarnated dragons can make use of the gate, but at the cost of much of their magical energy.

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