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  • Mnzombie

    Your Peerage

    August 18, 2013 by Mnzombie

    If you could chose between having a chess-style like the devil's Evil Pieces or a card-style like the angel's Brave Saints, which would you prefer.

    Also, which characters, out of all of the characters introduced in the series so far, would you have in said peerage.

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  • Mnzombie

    Ryuuteimaru: Final Form

    February 6, 2013 by Mnzombie

    As any fan should know at this point, Issei got himself a jaw-dropping familiar: "Ryuuteimaru."

    As a Skíðblaðnir, Ryuuteimaru will grow and evolve into different forms by using the aura and imagination of its master as its source.

    It has even been stated that Ryuuteimaru could potentially evolve into its own dimensional plane.

    Of course, we could always wait a few months for the light novels to see how it turns out. 

    However, as an impatient person, I say: F*** That!

    Why don't we let the fans come up with what it will look like to pass the time?

    Here are my ideas:

    • Ryuuteimaru as a floating harem palace:  I picture a massive, crimson colored, floating ship adorned with statues (since this is Issei we're talking about, I'm sure you can tell what of)…
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  • Mnzombie

    Your Sacred Gear

    December 16, 2012 by Mnzombie

    So far, we've seen all sorts of Sacred Gear throughout the story.  But even someone new to the series can tell that there are many more. So, in anticipation of the Volume 14 coming out next year, I want to know: "If you could have your own sacred gear, what would you want it to be?"

    You can choose a Sacred Gear/Longinus that has already been used in the story, or you can make up your own.

    You can decide what your sacred gear looks like and what its abilities are.

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  • Mnzombie

    Dragons Fangs

    June 22, 2012 by Mnzombie

    I was reading the pages for the Evil Pieces and Brave Saints when something hit me: if the angels and devils could replenish their number by reincarnating humans and other creatures then why can't dragons do the same?

    Suppose a system like this did exist: what would it be called (I used the name "Dragon Fang" as an ex.), what powers would it give, what conditions would it have, how many could you reincarnate, etc.

    I'm not really asking whether something like this could exist or not, I simply want to know how YOU would design the system if it were possible.

    P.S. I'm righting some fan. fic. right now and I'm think of having Issei be the first and only person to use this system as a way of increasing the number of dragons and building his harem so …

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  • Mnzombie

    Worth of a Pawn

    June 18, 2012 by Mnzombie

    The Pawn, the most numerous of the Evil Piece System. We've seen many Pawns, from Issei who took all 8 of his masters pawns to the eight in Riser Phenex's Peerage who took only one each. But what determines how many pawns someone is worth?

    Here's what i've figured out so far:

    • Issei Hyodo - 8 Pawns - An average teenager at the time of his reincarnation except for his possession of the Boosted Gear.
    • Regulus - 7 Pawns - A mystical creature and 1 of the 13 Longinus.
    • Genshiro Saji - 4 Pawns - An average teenager except for his possession of "Absorption Line" ( one of Vritra's Sacred Gears).
    • Enku - 1 Pawn - No Sacred Gear, any other abilities unknown.
    • Ruruko Nimura - 1 Pawn - An average teenager with no known abilities or Sacred Gear.
    • Mira - 1 Pawn - U…
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