• MeatSack

    Hi there, I am writing this blog because I want your opinions on what the longinus we don't know about will do.

    This includes the balance breakers of all known longinus. So I will leave a list of all the longinus and what I think they will do.

    1. Boosted Gear, We all know what this one does so I won't explain what it can do.

    2. Divine Dividing, Havles and steals the oppents power every 10 seconds. Balance Breaker: Divine Dividing Scale Mail, Generates a suit of armor for the user.

    3 Regulus Nemea, It is stated that the normal form of this sacred gear is a battle axe that can split the earth, The current balance breaker is the Leather Ray Rex which generates a suit of golden armor for the user.

    4 True Longinus, The spear that can kill a god if t…

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