• Matthew Gremory

    If we ever get to see Rizevim Livan Lucifer who should voice him

    I'm talking about actual anime voice actors

    I think an Madara voice actor might fit him well what do u all think

    Note it can be for either his Japanese or English One

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  • Matthew Gremory

    Ise birthday

    June 28, 2015 by Matthew Gremory

    When Ise finally has is next birthday I wonder what the girls will do

    Post what you think might happen

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  • Matthew Gremory

    Eventualy Ise and Rias will be married but who will fit what roles in the wedding this my idea

    Best Man Kiba or Saji

    Ringbearer Millicas 

    Maid of honor Akeno 

    Brides maid the rest of the girls in the occult reasearch club

    What do the rest of you think

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