As you all Know, Saji was worth 4 pawn Pieces when he possessed just Absorbtion Line.

Now he has all 4 Vritra sacred gears thanks to Azazel. Blaze Black Flare, Delete Field and Shadow Prison.

The question then is, will this probably hit towards Saji developing several mutation pieces within him in the future? after all, he now has awaked the spirit of one of the Dragon Kings,  not to mention quadrupling his power with 3 additional sacred gears. In my opinion, he should at least have 2-3 mutation pieces within him.

As for his Balance Breaker, Since he has 4 Sacred Gears, does this meant we will possible see 4 Balance Breakers? Sona mentioned in vol 15 she wanted Saji to train with the 3 Longiuns users so she can achieve balance breaker. We know Kiba has got 2 sacred gears and hence 2 balance breakers. so it is possible for saji to get 4 as well right? OR do you think his balance breaker will come in the form of an upgraded Vritra promotion?

We know from kida no 2 balance breakers can be used together and Saji having 4  Scared gears, it may pose a problem if he traied to get 4 balance breakers. so my view is that Vritra promotion gets a huge buff instead of 4 balance breakers. 

what are you views on this? im hoping Saji achieves this in vol 16 since Sona seemed so serious on helping Saji attain Balance Breaker. also on his possible future mutaion pieces. do you think it's possible? thanks 

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