Possible Future Harem Members for Issei

I wanted to start this blog as it seemed to me that it was quite strange that this blog hadn't been created yet. i wanted to make it becausce it seems unlikely that Highschool dxd will be ending anytime soon, as the Author has mentioned another story arc involving Indra in his afterword in a volume as well has the unresolved situation with Hades and the grim reapers and the series appears to be quite popular in japan as well ( i believ and hope). Plus, there are a lot of Mythologies lefyt to explore. for example, Irish Mythology has been mentioned as well as the Shinato Mythologi, which have yet to be explore in any real detail. Also, the Roman Mythologies and Celtic Mythos and many other intersinting Mythologies to explore. 

Anyhow, i'd like to see you idea of possible future harem memdbers for Issei (Plus reasoning so that it is not just hopeful thinking),. So, i'll just start it off...

  • Yasaka ( Seems to have taken a likeing to Issei, as shown by her teasing in the Volume 19 spoliers {Not Comfimed by quite likely}. Possible Mother + Daughter combo and often when teasing between important female charather + male lead  = Romance ( In my experience)) 
  • Serafall ( Has never been stated to have a spouse, would fit the role of 'childish- older girl' and seems to get along with Issei as it is. Also, would give Serafall a bigger role in the story as Issei and the ORC grow strong enough in both power and prestige to match up with the Maous and other ultimate class devils)
  • Seekvaria ( Issei has been missing the 'ruthlessly strict girl' type and she fits the bill, plus it seems funny that she has yet to noticed that his BB looks a lot like a robot suit~ Sine she is a mecha Otaku and asls has no other love interset)
  • Gabriel (Has no diserable other love interset,  fits the 'truly pure' and 'dim-blonde' roles and alsoo she would benifit issei as she would help him mature even further. Also, why did the Auther have Gabriel as a beautiful woman in the first place isf sjhe was not planning to have her be in Issei's Harem?)

Alright.... can't wait to see your ideas :)

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