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    I'm sure that all of us or at lest most of us have read Mnzombie's Issei Peerage blog that speaks about  issei's possible future peerage. i wanted to create this Blog to speakabout  people's ideas for Issei's Peerage created from Charcters from both DxD and other anime universes. You can feel free to use any combination of animes and the such as long as there is at lesst one from DxD and one from another universe Here is my ideas:

    Queen- Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

    Bishop: Asia Aregento

    Bishop: Ravel Pheonix

    Knight: Xenovia Quarta

    Knight: Ayane (Dragons Rioting)

    Rook: Kokoa Shuzen (Rosario Vampire)

    Rook: Robin Nico (One Piece)  

    Pawn (x4): Uzumi (Sekirei)

    Pawn (x4): Mio Naruse (Shimai Maou no Keiyakusha)

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    I wanted to start this blog as it seemed to me that it was quite strange that this blog hadn't been created yet. i wanted to make it becausce it seems unlikely that Highschool dxd will be ending anytime soon, as the Author has mentioned another story arc involving Indra in his afterword in a volume as well has the unresolved situation with Hades and the grim reapers and the series appears to be quite popular in japan as well ( i believ and hope). Plus, there are a lot of Mythologies lefyt to explore. for example, Irish Mythology has been mentioned as well as the Shinato Mythologi, which have yet to be explore in any real detail. Also, the Roman Mythologies and Celtic Mythos and many other intersinting Mythologies to explore. 

    Anyhow, i'd li…

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    HYOUDOU ISSEI (@Tenryuu_AR) | Twitter

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