So here's my big to-do list for this wiki. It's a long list, but from my perspective, I reckon it'll take a month or two to sort these out.

  • Improve/revise main page
  • Add summaries of anime episodes (both episodes and specials), light novels, and story arcs (which may take a while)
  • Add new pictures from anime (screenshots that I took last week while marathoning the series) and add HQ LN images (in progress, straight from Baka-Tsuki)
  • Revise character box
    • Make character boxes for Kuoh Academy, O.R.C./Hyodo Residence, Devils, Dragons, Chaos Brigade, Others
  • Add pictures of manga volumes
  • Create a set of rules and guidelines for this wiki
  • Revise navigation pane (with the Admins' help)

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