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    Second Season Confirmed

    September 5, 2012 by KID2NR

    All of you have been waiting for this. After much debate, the second season of the High School DxD anime has been confirmed.

    ANN:High School DxD TV Anime Gets 2nd Season

    From the look of the picture I saw with the article, there's no doubt that this season will cover the second story arc, complete with Gasper (the boy with the paper bag on his face on the far left) and Xenovia's (on the far right) first anime appearance. Irina wasn't shown in the pic, but is sure to appear in this new season.

    Update: Looks like it's already been talked about in the Talk about Season 2 thread, but since there were too many comments there, I was hoping to start a new thread here.

    Update 2: I checked the source of where the news came from (Akiba Hell (Akiba Jigoku). …

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    I noticed for the longest time that the current logo for this wiki (the one on the top left corner) is a bit out of style for me. I want the logo to look more like the one on the DxD wiki's. So could someone provide the logo for our wiki using the DxD logo as a base?

    Also, I updated the front page with an all-new layout. Most parts of the layout are empty, but it's much cleaner and more organized than the previous layout. Don't you guys agree?

    This blog also allows other wiki users to come up with new ideas, so you're free to make up some.

    KID2NR 20:12, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

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    To-do list

    May 23, 2012 by KID2NR

    So here's my big to-do list for this wiki. It's a long list, but from my perspective, I reckon it'll take a month or two to sort these out.

    • Improve/revise main page
    • Add summaries of anime episodes (both episodes and specials), light novels, and story arcs (which may take a while)
    • Add new pictures from anime (screenshots that I took last week while marathoning the series) and add HQ LN images (in progress, straight from Baka-Tsuki)
    • Revise character box
      • Make character boxes for Kuoh Academy, O.R.C./Hyodo Residence, Devils, Dragons, Chaos Brigade, Others
    • Add pictures of manga volumes
    • Create a set of rules and guidelines for this wiki
    • Revise navigation pane (with the Admins' help)
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