Like the title said, this is a speculations, theories and prediction (STP) blog. Of course it's only limited to High School DxD. And please strictly stick to the topics of the three contents of the title. No making up of random contents, no stupid theories unless if its interesting and lastly, do not make any STP from fanon, no predictions, speculations and theories should be made from fanon, it must be from the canon source only.

Well also try to respect other users' STP unless if its really really dumb.

Now the current topics in hands are:

  1. Who do you think the previous Durandal user is? Someone from the church, a descendant of Roland, some new character?
  2. Will Riser die?
  3. When will Diehauser be revealed as a traitor?
  4. Will Euclid be prominent as a villain again? Hey this is from the Volume 17 afterword.
  5. Will we ever see Tiamat?
  6. Trihexa (666) and Rose's 616.
  7. Do you think the final 3 of the 13 Longinus will appear?
  8. Can Tsubaki successfully charm Kiba.

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