Basically i just want to see how insane people can be in giving DxD characters power-up. It can be anything so long as it's funny.

  1. Vali slapping Issei's butt to attain Ddraig's power.
  2. Azazel creates a device that fuses Saji and Issei.
  3. Sairaorg + Regulus gains the same ability as the Triana and CCQ.
  4. Bikou intersonates Rias and tricks Issei into pressing his nipples, resulting in a hazardous power-up where Issei becomes the xxxxx.
  5. The Boosted Gear Legion which consist of the normal, Trianna, CCQ Scale Mails.

And so on, anyway just have fun and think of any power-ups you can, just try to make sure it's content is DxD related.

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