• Ixarising

    SS you want animated

    December 8, 2015 by Ixarising

    Well with the release of the most recent OVA, now i've got a question for every DxD fans. Which short story (SS) do you want to see animated next. For me it's "A Tokusatsu Devil". The secret behind the birth of the Danball Vampire God. And if possible "My First Errand [Ophis Volume]", that announcement of features by Ophis is gold. 

    Okay enough with me, now it's your turn.

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  • Ixarising

    Basically i just want to see how insane people can be in giving DxD characters power-up. It can be anything so long as it's funny.

    1. Vali slapping Issei's butt to attain Ddraig's power.
    2. Azazel creates a device that fuses Saji and Issei.
    3. Sairaorg + Regulus gains the same ability as the Triana and CCQ.
    4. Bikou intersonates Rias and tricks Issei into pressing his nipples, resulting in a hazardous power-up where Issei becomes the xxxxx.
    5. The Boosted Gear Legion which consist of the normal, Trianna, CCQ Scale Mails.

    And so on, anyway just have fun and think of any power-ups you can, just try to make sure it's content is DxD related.

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    Crack Pairings

    December 11, 2014 by Ixarising

    To commemorate Season 3 my way, i've made this blog for crack pairings. It's simple, just think of any number random and bizarre pairing you can. But there are a few restrictions.

    1. Cannot be a canon pairing (pointless then)
    2. Only from Volume 1 - 10 + Anime and Manga
    3. Cannot be yaoi/yuri, too common among DxD fans that it makes it boring instead.

    So lets start, i'll give out three first.

    • Vali x Rias
    • Kiba x Siris
    • Riser x Koneko

    Have fun playing the game.

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  • Ixarising

    Like the title said, this is a speculations, theories and prediction (STP) blog. Of course it's only limited to High School DxD. And please strictly stick to the topics of the three contents of the title. No making up of random contents, no stupid theories unless if its interesting and lastly, do not make any STP from fanon, no predictions, speculations and theories should be made from fanon, it must be from the canon source only.

    Well also try to respect other users' STP unless if its really really dumb.

    Now the current topics in hands are:

    1. Who do you think the previous Durandal user is? Someone from the church, a descendant of Roland, some new character?
    2. Will Riser die?
    3. When will Diehauser be revealed as a traitor?
    4. Will Euclid be prominent as a…
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  • Ixarising

    Just coming up with a new concept on decide to use this blog for it. So here goes:

    Vote on who you think will win if they fight. :)


    • Ravel vs Shalba, winner: Shalba
    • Falbium vs Akeno, winner: Akeno (really guys?)
    • Okita vs Saji, winner:Okita
    • Kokabiel vs Ruruko, winner: Kokabiel
    • Shalba vs Koneko, winner Koneko (i mean it seriously?)
    • Falbium vs Vritra, winner: Falbium
    • Okita vs Kokabiel, winner: Okita
    • Riser (pervert mode) vs Irina, winner: Irina
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