• Gary299

    I'll post my thoughts later, gotta go out for a bit. Here's the discussion blog in the meantime.

    RIP Hyoudou Issei XXXX - 2015

    Okay, review time. Just in time for episode 05 in a day and a half! Sorry for the delay. Minor LN spoilers follow.

    I'll split this review into two primary sections and then post some minor comments at the end.

    Fight vs Loki

    • Fenrir
    I'm not too sure what Fenrir's problem was. He was either heavily nerfed from the LN, wanted to sit back and let his children fight and only intervene when necessary, or Loki placed some sort of a seal on his power like the comments discussed. There's no way that he could shatter Ise's Scale-mail just like that and not be able to get past a bunch of Holy Demonic Swords. To me, it looked like he …
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  • Gary299

    Here's a blog to discuss the upcoming Dx.1 short story compilation book and NEW's OVA that will be bundled with it.

    OVA spoilers: (Credit to Jop)

    I'll post pictures of any new illustrations once I get my copy (assuming no one else does first, of course).

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