• FrostBite111

    Pervert Power!

    April 3, 2014 by FrostBite111

    So we've seen Dress Break and Bilingual. But has this series inspired anyone here to thinkup their own "pervert" power?

    Here are a few I've comeup with:

    Costume Party: Like Dress Break I have to touch the body of the person, however instead of stripping the person naked it forcibly changes their clothes. The clothes they were wearing gets replaced with clothes of my choosing. Costume Party isn't able to strip them naked, the target(s) will be wearing clothes of some kind.

    Gender Genocide: Through a pink mist that expands with myself at the center, any males(excluding myself) that make contact with it will become girls. This one doesn't affect girls at all

    Humanization: Allows me to change the form of monsters or otherwise non-human shaped crea…

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