Hi and welcome to my second blog (at last here)

In this wiki I saw that was ask to create "your sacred gear", that's okay, but "if I don't want a sacred gear but a holy, demon or holy demon weapon/tool (shields included into tool)/armor ?", and here from this question this blog

Feel free to put here any type of weapon that your mind can create (if they are new good), for a simple use of this blog please choice one the 2 following "template":


Name: Arondight

Power: water generation/manipulation, mist generation, illusion (only inside mist), dragon slayer, aura blast

Type: can change from holy to demon but not both of them at the same time

Description: when "holy", appear lika a long sword with a pure white blade, a round pommel,  a rettangular cross-guard with a pear cut diamond on the center and 2 small gold ring one at the end of each side; when "demon" the blade become dark purple with one edge that change into one saw like, the pommel become more oval, the diamond become an amethyst, the gold rings change into a dark grey chain that coil around the cross-guard


my holy weapon's name is "Pertiryan" a trident with a small circular section lika a moon between the points and the rod and can manipulate water and trap what touch inside an ice like seal that cover all the "body" of the target

The only limit is your imagination so feel free to write what you want

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