Hi and welcome in my first blog (at last here), one of the various question crossed my mind was "if they make a DxD game, what kind will be?" here I show 3 possible option that comed to my hand... write like this, on the flow, under the effect of a heavy dinner, a VERY HEAVY ONE... aaaand here the 3 options

1) A battle game like Street Fighter where the balance breaker is a some type of hyper mode and who don't have a SG then an intense cloud of aura around the body or something like that, with a background like "an open Tournment where everybody can fight, without limit of race and rank, the first price will be the possibility of make a single wish, any type of wish, from fight a god to.... I leave this to your immagination"

2) A Date Sim like game with this background, "after make clear that Rias have the first place, she take all the girl and try to choice the number 2, at the end of this all the girls decide to make choice Issei", the player will choice the N°2 going out with the girls, all the girls will be alvaible from the beginning, there will be too the possibility to choice a guy over a girl, in this case no yaoi (for 2 reason: 1) I'm not in that kind of things; 2) Issei is not in that kind of things) and the game will end with a "brother bond like ending"

3) A MMORPG with this background "after the end of the war against the Khaos Brigade, 3 resercher from the 3 factions of the Bible create the "Phantom Core", thank to this crystal like thing any type of being can reincarnate any other beings into his/her same race" the player will be able to choice if become an human or youkai that is reincarnated into an angel, a fallen angel or a devil. For any status advance there will be a test (for all the factions) and once reached an advanced status (3 pairs of wings for the angels/fallen angels and High class for devils) will be possible create their own clan (a guild in other word) that will have various benefict like a special territory, have their own shop, etc.; any race will have their set of skill and ability and the enemy of the game are devil dragon of various level, wild monsters, crazy magicians, rogue devils and fallen angels, etc.

here I wrote 3 possible choice but, as always, there's the number 4 that is another type of game sooo make your choice and say what you think

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