• Emelas

    Your Weapon

    July 31, 2014 by Emelas

    Hi and welcome to my second blog (at last here)

    In this wiki I saw that was ask to create "your sacred gear", that's okay, but "if I don't want a sacred gear but a holy, demon or holy demon weapon/tool (shields included into tool)/armor ?", and here from this question this blog

    Feel free to put here any type of weapon that your mind can create (if they are new good), for a simple use of this blog please choice one the 2 following "template":


    Name: Arondight

    Power: water generation/manipulation, mist generation, illusion (only inside mist), dragon slayer, aura blast

    Type: can change from holy to demon but not both of them at the same time

    Description: when "holy", appear lika a long sword with a pure white blade, a round pommel,…

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  • Emelas

    What if... a DxD game

    July 10, 2014 by Emelas

    Hi and welcome in my first blog (at last here), one of the various question crossed my mind was "if they make a DxD game, what kind will be?" here I show 3 possible option that comed to my hand... write like this, on the flow, under the effect of a heavy dinner, a VERY HEAVY ONE... aaaand here the 3 options

    1) A battle game like Street Fighter where the balance breaker is a some type of hyper mode and who don't have a SG then an intense cloud of aura around the body or something like that, with a background like "an open Tournment where everybody can fight, without limit of race and rank, the first price will be the possibility of make a single wish, any type of wish, from fight a god to.... I leave this to your immagination"

    2) A Date Sim l…

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