Ok so I'm extremely excited about this news!!!! As some of you are aware I pretty much saw this coming and did my best to get people to help make it happen and it looks like Funimation has listened for once. We are getting a dubb version of this season a lot sooner. But and I do mean BUT they have recanted our Issei and our Akeno!!!! Now I am actually really sad about this. Those voice actors "Scott Freeman and Teri Rogers" done a great job bringing our beloved characters alive. But hey we will see how this goes.

Here's what the page says.

"North American anime distributor Funimation announced the cast for its broadcast dub of High School DxD BorN, the third High School DxD anime season, on Saturday:

Josh Grelle as Issei Hyodo,

Jamie Marchi as Rias Gremory,

Kelly Angel as Akeno Himejima

Sean O'Connor as Yuto Kiba,

Jad Saxton as Koneko Tojo,

Chloe Daniels as Asia Aregento

Felecia Angelle as Yuma Amano/Raynare(ep 1),

Tyson Rinehart as Matsuda,

Ruben Tadeo Garcia as Motohama,

Justin Cook, director of production at Funimation, noted that Josh Grelle and Kelly Angel have replaced Scott Freeman and Teri Rogers in the cast: "We have always tried incredibly hard to retain the original voice cast for our dubbed releases. However, there are instances where 'life just gets in the way,' and this is one of those unfortunate situations. With that being said, we are proud to bring the talents of both Josh and Kelly into the cast, and though they have big shoes or bras, as the case may be, to fill, I believe our work this season will be the best ever, despite the changes and challenges."

Now I try'd posting this earlier yesterday but posted a page rather than a blog so that was my bad. Anyways hope your all excited as I am.

Here's the link incase you need proof

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