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  • DeathGodPrayer

    Talk about everything you want... Tell storys, talk about HighSchool DxD, just say what you want!

    This post was made for fun. Just letting you know :/

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  • DeathGodPrayer

    release date: 7/7/13 (July 2013)''''' .Another blog about season 2: Second Season Confirmed ( I was to lazy to write everything here, I think I also wont be deleting what was writen in this blog )

    Information so far:
    Season 2 might be released in Fall of 2012, if no then its more likely to comeout in 2013. It has been speculated that there will be something like 30 episodes.
    There may be 6 OAV's/ special episodes before the second season.

    The anime will need to have more than 50 episodes ( in total ).
    There has been speculation of "College DxD" being made after Highschool DxD has finished.

    If anyone has more information the please tell me.

    My Opinion:

    I really liked the anime and I think its the best anime that I have seen so far, it would be real…

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