• Cookievalenzuela666

    i'm gonna go with kuroka, she hasn't been mentioned a whole lot since volume 15, i think she starts to develop deeper feelings for issei, at some point she realizes how she feels, and before you know it, issei wakes up one day and finds a nude kuroka next to him (good times). i think a big factor in this could be issei fixing kuroka and koneko's relationship to the point where koneko fully accepts kuroka as part of issei's harem, then i imagine she'll ask issei to take care of kuroka. 

                • on a side note, i have a question that i've been thinking about, is kuroka a virgin? the way she talks about having sex with issei you would think she's already had sex, but if she is indeed going to be part of issei's harem (and i think she is), wouldn't th…

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  • Cookievalenzuela666

    so i've been thinking, as of vol. 17 this is issei's current harem:

    (and by harem i mean the female characters that have developed romantic feelings/love for issei)

    rias, asia, akeno, koneko, xenovia, irina, ravel, rossweisse. (8 total)

    i'm predicting that by the end of the series there will be 10, i just don't see the harem getting bigger than 10. So that leaves two remaining ladies, and i'm predicting that one of those two will be kuroka. she has spent quite a bit of time at the hyoudou residence, issei is obviously attracted to her and she is taking the xenovia route (wants a child with issei). like xenovia, I think she will develop romantic feelings for issei as he helps her develop a relationship with koneko, he may even save her a time …

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