Now Issei has a peerage what do you think will be the final result?

Issei Hyoudou's Peerage

Current Standing

Permanent Members:

King = Hyoudou Issei

Rook 1 = Rossweisse

Knight 1 = Xenovia Quarta

Bishop 1 = Asia Argento

Bishop 2 = Ravel Phenex

Unused pieces:

1 = Queen(status unknown)

1 = Knight

1 = Rook

8 = Pawns

Mutation pieces: unknown

Temporary Members(Azazel Cup):

Queen = Bina Lessthan(unknown if she is Issei's actual Queen)

knight 2 = Irina Shidou

Pawn(3 pieces) = Bova Tannin(Tannin's son)

Unused pieces:

5 = Pawns

1 = Rook

Well there is the list of Ise's Peerage and Azazel Cup Team.

I didn't include Elminhilde in the list because it has yet to be confirmed if she will join his team or his peerage because of the cliffhanger.

Beyond this who do you think or what will join Issei's peerage?

I personally think that Issei's peerage will end up with a little of everything from each mythology. The Azazel Cup would make it a lot easier for Issei to meet beings from other mythologies for his peerage and I think a prerequisite for Issei's peerage is for the piece to be "special" considering he currently has a Valkyrie, Holy Sword Wielder, Powerful Sacred gear wielder with a talent for Dragon taming and an Immortal Phoenix(Phenex).

A hero descendent would also be a nice addition to his peerage especially if they have either a legendary weapon(Tonbokiri, Muramasa, Masamune) or a very unique sacred gear(maybe even the 15th Longinus)

I would have cried tears of join if a Yuki Onna joined his peerage but we all know what Ishibumi did to that dream unless there is a Nekoshou equivalent of the Yuki Onna that remain bishoujo.

Considering the nature of DxD and my previous statement what kind of female monsters do you think Ishibumi might want to make a bishoujo version of?

I guess maybe Medusa's daughter or descendent wants revenge against Cao Cao because he killed her unless he actually just went and found Medusa's severed head which would really kill his villain persona and lose him major point in the wannabe hero department. I do realize that Medusa is one of the most overused characters in Manga/LN and Anime but still.

Final note with deep regret I have to remind everyone that Kunou will not join Issei's peerage

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