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    Now Issei has a peerage what do you think will be the final result?

    Issei Hyoudou's Peerage

    Current Standing

    King = Hyoudou Issei

    Rook 1 = Rossweisse

    Knight 1 = Xenovia Quarta

    Bishop 1 = Asia Argento

    Bishop 2 = Ravel Phenex

    Unused pieces:

    1 = Queen(status unknown)

    1 = Knight

    1 = Rook

    8 = Pawns

    Mutation pieces: unknown

    Queen = Bina Lessthan(unknown if she is Issei's actual Queen)

    knight 2 = Irina Shidou

    Pawn(3 pieces) = Bova Tannin(Tannin's son)

    Unused pieces:

    5 = Pawns

    1 = Rook

    Well there is the list of Ise's Peerage and Azazel Cup Team.

    I didn't include Elminhilde in the list because it has yet to be confirmed if she will join his team or his peerage because of the cliffhanger.

    Beyond this who do you think or what will join Issei's peerage?

    I personally t…

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