• Chichiryuushintei

    So, here's the first review I ever wrote in my life, so please, bear with my amateurness.

    I'll divide it in parts between narrating what happened and what I think of it:

    It starts from where the last episode ended, with Rias going Super Saiyan because of Ise's fatal injuries, but she seems to calm down when she sees Ravel's gift fall from Ise's shirt/pocket. Loki seems to be slightly impressed by her power output, and even recognizes she's truly the little sister of the Maou. He then orders Fenrir to go and destroy Mjolnir, but the latter is stopped by Kuroka and Arthur who take him away with the help of Gleipnir and Excalibur Ruler. Loki then realiuzes Ise's recovered with the of Phoenix's Tears 2nd Best Girl Ravel gave him and is transferi…

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