Ever had anything particular you would add to the series? or anything you would change? Why not both? 

If you were the composer; the decision maker of what music or songs would be used, what would they be?

Well here you can discuss your own version of DxD in anime format; as though the series started originally as an anime. Post links of songs and describe what scenes they fit and why. Explain why you would want to add, change, or even remove certain scenes, characters, or terminology. 

As an example from me:

For Elmenhilde's and Issei's wedding, their after ceremony would include a grand ball at a great castle in her hometown where they dance to this marvelous piece:

Why? Because this song perfectly conveys romance between two lovers in a grand ball setting and at the same time, conveying the theme of the relationship involving a vampire who entrances everyone, as well as being a beautiful theme for vampires in a dark castle.

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