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And no Volume 22 is not the last volume.

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Life 0:

It starts with Akeno and Ise on the bed because she wants to lose her virginity. Akeno got herself her own erotic room dimension like Irina since the Fallen Angels became competitive towards the Angels creation. Akeno strips and lures Ise's hand to her breast. She tries to kiss Ise but gets interrupted by Rias. Though that doesn't stop her from doing french kiss with Ise despite Rias's dismay. Rias also strips naked and french kisses Ise. Ise has both his hands on each of their breast. Akeno wants to take Ise's virginity but Rias says it belongs to her. Even Ise starts to make up his mind and as he tries to get laid.....he obviously gets interrupted once again. Ravel appeared
After Ravel the Church trio appears. They heard that Akeno got her hands on this room and Asia started saying that perhaps each of the girl will get their own room in future. Rias asks Ravel what she wanted to talk about. It's about the International Rating Game. Rias and Akeno leaves the room to go to Underworld. They both kiss Ise on the cheek before leaving.

Life 1+2:

  1. Ise is in his last days as a second year student.
  2. From next term other characters will be joining Kuou academy. Like Le Fay, Bennia, Kunou, Tosuka, etc.
  3. New character appears such as Tannin's son who wants to serve under Ise (though not as his peerage since he knows Ise wants women). Ise postponed his offer. And another character who joined student council under Xenovia. His name is Nakiri Ouryuu who is the heir of Nakiri clan.
  4. Vali was appointed as a Ultimate class devil.
  5. All the guys Ise had fought till now is implying that Ise should participate in the tournament as himself as a king.
  6. Even Ise's parents appears in Ise's High-class promotion ceremony. He gets his evil pieces. Ise trades his pieces with Rias for Asia and Xenovia. And Ravel's mother with Ravel. Her mother implied something about Ravel's true potential and that she took her from Raiser because he didn't know how to use her properly.
  7. Shiva and the prince of Asura clan appears to congratulate Ise. Shiva invites Ise to his army for a possible war against Indra.
  8. Cao Cao and Vali also appears in his ceremony.

Life 3:

Life.3 is the end of Story Arc 4. From Life 4 onward is Story Arc 5, the final story arc.
  1. So the third year finally graduates.
  2. Rias and Akeno becomes emotional at ORC room.
  3. Rias decides to have Rossweisse join Ise's group for the tournament. Irina also joins his group.
  4. Kiba, koneko, and Gasper will be calling her "Onee-sama", "Onee-chan", or "Rias-neesan" from now on.
  5. Again, Ise proposes to Rias. He finally tells Motohama and Matsuda who became really shocked and had blood of tears from their eyes...

Life 4:

Rias's team instead got overpowerd lol. Two new members who are Longinus possessors and another mysterious character who is either a God-class guy or an actual God. Though from the name used for that character i'm guessing its Crom.
  1. So weeks have passed since last time.
  2. Rias and her group arrived in the stadium.
  3. New team members for Rias group are the following people. Valerie, and Lint Sellzan (a girl who looks like Freed and has the Longinus 'Incinerate Anthem". This Longinus goes to different people on its own). There is also a mysterious character called "Mister Black" but nothing is revealed about him.
  4. There are 1400+ teams participating in the tournament. The top 16 team will be going to the final rounds. The team will have a starting point of 1500 points and by defeating a team you gain points and lose points if you lose the match. You will gain more points by defeating a team who has much more points than your team.
  5. Some of the Kings of certain teams are Indra, Sun Wukong, Dulio, Slash Dog, Vali, Cao Cao, Sairaorg, Seekvaira, Sona, Mahabali, Typhoon, and real Surtr.
  6. Ise shows up late in Ryuuteimaru which has become a massive ship. He has a mysterious masked character as his Queen. Her name is Bina Lessthan.
  7. Ise's team wears a crimson uniform.
  8. All the rookies approaches Ise. Ise and Vali has now become are friendly rival. They can be thought as a friend now since when everyone went fishing the two of them fished together.

Life 5:

  1. Ise's group have done 3 matches already. He has won all 3 of them but he has bad reviews among critics and viewers since he struggled against weaker teams. The other group has a positive review instead.
  2. Ravel says that number of wins doesn't necessary mean going to finals. You can still go to final with minimal matches if you do it right. Though Ise prefers to accept all challenges which makes Xenovia and Bova strongly agree with him.
  3. Ise's Queen instead has good reviews. Others still don't know about her identity. She approached Ise on April to see his calibre as a King. It's said that she is a Devil.
  4. Valerie is taking Asia's position as a healer of Rias team. She can use her Holy Grail to heal others thought not as strong as Asia's. Lint and Mister Black are also a mystery and has proven to be very powerful.
  5. A new trio is formed. Ophis, Lilith, and Kunou. The loli trios. Ophis can shapeshift to her old form. Lilith is being called Leece.
  6. Ise's opponent for his fourth match is decided. It's team Lightning and their King is Barakiel. Their Queen is Armaros (one of the FA leaders).
  7. Ise meets Barakiel downstairs. Awkward atmosphere. He asks Akeno who she will be cheering for but she immediately chooses Ise and hugs him. This made Barakiel run in tears. Though Akeno is actually sadden by this and she's jealous of Rias's relation with Ise.

The Rating Game.

  1. On the day of the RG match. One of the commentators is Rias's dad.
  2. The Rating Game match they will be doing is called "Objects". You can win either by defeating the opponent King or destroying more "Objects" than the other team. There are 12 objects in total.
  3. Basically Ise's team gets cornered. But at the end Ise's team wins with overwhelming strength by Ise using DxD mode and annihilating half of the map. He also defeats Barakiel and confesses his love for Akeno by taking her as his wife in the future (similar to the confession to Rias during RG match in v10).

After the match. Ise alone was called by Ajuka. He talks to Azazel, Sirzechs, and Serafall through video message. They are still alive and kicking. This is still kept a secret from others. Obviously they would need supplies occasionally since they are fighting Trihexa. Anyways Ajuka, Sirzechs, and Azazel had been planning to make a new group called ExE (also would be known as Exe) which will be like a FBI or MI6 of the DxD world. This team will be actually be formed in few years and they want Ise to become a member of that team and eventually the leader of it. They ask him to find strong allies in the future to make them join etc.

Also since the confession Akeno has been sticking beside Ise. She argues with Rias on who will take Ise's first time or who will bore his children first.

Two days later. The match up has been decided. But the two matchup which is being a hot topics are....

  1. Team Ise vs Team Dulio
  2. Team Sairaorg vs Team Cao Cao.

Azazel Cup

There's a new rule for the upcoming Rating Game tournament. Since non-Devils will also join (such as Gods), a King can register anyone as their peerage as long as they don't register their name for another group. So Irina will join Ise's group for the tournament. The tournament will offically be called the "Azazel Cup" (Azazel must be honored). In this tournament even those who had been used 2 Evil Pieces will be treated as 1 piece unless you are a God which will automatically be counted as 2 pieces or 8 Pawn pieces. Pawn pieces has more strict rules in order to prevent getting many God-level members in 1 team.


  • King=Ise
  • Queen=Bina Lessthan
  • Rook 1=Rossweisse
  • Rook 2=Unregistered
  • Knight 1=Xenovia
  • Knight 2=Irina
  • Bishop 1=Asia
  • Bishop 2=Ravel
  • Pawn (3 pieces) =Bova Tannin (Tannin's son)
  • Pawn (5 pieces) =Unregistered
  1. Elmenhilde appears at the very end to join Ise's group(cliffhanger).

  • King=Rias
  • Queen=Akeno
  • Rook 1=Koneko
  • Rook 2=Unregistered
  • Knight 1=Kiba
  • Knight 2=Lint Selzan
  • Bishop 1=Gasper
  • Bishop 2=Valerie
  • Pawn (8 Pieces) = Mr Black (God-level or an actual God. Still a mystery)

  • King=Vali
  • Queen=Fenrir
  • Rook 1= Gogmagog
  • Rook 2= The current Zhu Bajie
  • Knight 1= Arthur
  • Knight 2=The current Sha Wujing
  • Bishop 1= Kuroka (In this tournament even those who had been used 2 Evil Pieces will be treated as 1 piece unless you are a God which will automatically be counted as 2 pieces or 8 Pawn pieces. Pawn pieces has more strict rules in order to prevent getting many God-level members in 1 team.)
  • Bishop 2=Le Fay
  • Pawn (3 Pieces) = Bikou
  • Pawn (5 Pieces) =Unregistered

The End. Also DX3 will be coming out next. And Ishibumi has stated that DxD final story won't go past volume 30.

Other info

Ajuka and Shiva wont appear in the tournament since they were the organizers of this world tournament. The winner will get any wish they ask fulfilled if it doesn't bring chaos to the world. Though Indra is planning to win the tournament so he can have War against Shiva. There's a Prince of the Asura Gods who is an ally of Shiva and is eager to have Ise join their force since he desperately wants to take down Indra for killing his dad. He's participating in the tournament.
So we wont be seeing Shiva versus Indra or Shiva versus Ise in the tournament if it goes smoothly. Though Ishibumi did say something will happen during the tournament in the next volume.

Promotion and Rose's status

The remaining Rias's servants (including Xeno, Asia, and Ross) that were a Low-class Devils are receiving a promotion as a Middle-class Devil. Also Saji and Tsubaki(?). Though its not stated when they will be taking the test.
Rossweisse officially became Ise's peerage by a trade with "Rias" out of the blue in Life.3... And Rias was the one who brought it up.
Bina's identity speculation:

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Info: Diehauser:

It was stated in volume 22 that he is imprisoned due to his actions but for some reason his name was listed in the Rating Game tournament. So we may see him reappear in the future and fight Ise again.
And Ajuka isn't letting the old high-class devils that had committed sins in the past and tried to hide it go easily off the hook. They are being punished too

Future career:

Other than Rias and Akeno who went to study at college (Kuoh campus), the careers ORC members are planning after finishing high school.
  • Kiba wants to start a cake shop.
  • Irina wants to start a bakery shop.
  • Xenovia wants to start a tuition center.
  • And Ise so far is only thinking of moving onto studying at college.

Can't remember about others (not everyone's career path was mentioned).

Though it does feel like KibaXToska and GasperXValerie romance will be increasing. Nothing special happened in this volume but seeing them always together makes you think like that. And Kiba putting on a red face while being with Toska pretty much says at all.

Bina Lessthan

ビナー・レスザン, Known info on her

  1. Supposedly in her late teens, i'm saying supposedly because Devils can change their appearance, so hard to tell.
  2. Hides her identity with a Dragon mask. Only Issei and Ravel knows her true identity.
  3. Has Demonic Power that is higher than the average High-class Devil.
  4. Has a better rating than Issei and his teammates, being the only person in Issei's team to not make a mistake in their game.