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major battles of V21

life ba'al by n0m@n
  • It was seven years ago when Vali was taken in by Azazel.
  • Vali had been abused by his dad and Rizevim.
  • Vali didn't retaliate the abuse because if he did his dad would have abused his mother instead.
  • Vali's dad thought he was special because he was a "Lucifer". But Vali was even more "special". Hence the abuse to make himself feel better.
  • The one who told about Vali to Shemhaza to help him was the servant of Vali's dad.
  • He was most likely killed in doing so.
  • Vali was stronger than most SG users after a year passed since he was taken in.
  • He vowed to be stronger than original Lucifer, Rizevim, and Great Red.
  • He was also looking forward to his future rival: Sekiryuutei.
Khaos Disaster
  • 5 days passed since Trihexa revived.
  • The top brass of different factions are sitting to watch the horror of Trihexa and discuss the counter measure.
  • It destroyed the main institute belonging to Grigori and the Heaven (from First Heaven to Sixth Heaven).
  • Many Angels died in a process (Even ones who had been fighting since long time ago).
  • Three Seraphs were critically wounded. Most of the Four Great Seraphs were also wounded.
  • Rafael lost one of his leg. Uriel lost an eye and arm. Even Michael was wounded.
  • Even two of the leaders of the fallen angel was wounded badly.
  • The situation was even worse because of the fake Sekiryuuteis and Evil Dragons. The ones leading them were Apohis and Aji Dahaka.
  • On the third day of its release it went to Norse world.
  • Many Gods and ultimate class Devils were dispatched to fight the enemies. Gods mainly from Asura Gods.
  • On the fifth day Trihexa and co, teleported elsewhere so it couldnt completly destroy Norse world.
  • Sirzechs who wasn't present in the discussion arrives and reveals the info about Rizevim and Trihexa to the public.
  • Then that vampire girl (Elmehilde or whatver she was called) arrives and passes on a info about the secret of Holy Grail which Rizevim didnt know about to Azazel.
  • Sirzechs and Azazel talks about a certain things like a certain Rating Match they hoped to see but possibly cant now because of a certain thing they must do (death flag?)

And the so-called other world is a place where the species known as E×E (mechanical organism) and the spirits are at war with each other (according to Azi Dahaka). And both sides have a certain God that rules them. Maybe ExE is above Great Red then?

Spoiler for Ophis & Lilith: They both survive and didn't merge. Good for everyone.

There are casualties (but no one from the regular cast dies). Leaders of many factions seals themselves with Trihexa to stop the world from being destroyed. So pretty much...

  1. Sirzechs and his peerage (minus Grayfia)
  2. Serafall and her peerage (minus her Queen)
  3. Falbium and his peerage (minus his Queen)
  4. Azazel
  5. Michael and his brave saints (minus Irina)
  6. Rafeal and his brave sainst (minus his Ace)
  7. Uriel and his brave Saints (minus his Ace)
  8. From the Norse faction it was Odin and 6 other Gods
  9. From the Greek faction it was Zeus and 10 other Gods
  10. From the Hindu faction it was Brahma, Vishnu and 7 other Gods.

As usual thank n0m@n for the spoilers.