I call it Volume 16 - 22 discussion but i'm actually just stating my impression & thoughts on the 4th arc.

  • Best fight: For me it goes to Vali vs Azi Dahaka, somehow reading that fight made me really want to see this animated at least more than the others.
  • Favorite moment: Issei and Vali's progressing relationship i mean friendship.
  • Most emotional moment: Sirzechs and the other sealing themselves with 666.
  • Favorite villain: Rizevim, he may not be the best but still my favorite.
  • Power-up of the arc: Gasper Balor. Sorry to others but i prefer this over DxD.
  • Least favorite moment: Walburga attacking after the Church Rebellion, sorry this was just too random to like.
  • Star of the arc: Azazel, i'm giving this moment of silence to the gone spirit of Azazel. Alright jokes aside, Azazel is probably the one who did the most in this series, not on the fights but he did a lot for his students so i feel that it's only right for this spot to be handed to him.

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