Well since Valentine days is coming soon, we'll do a tournament like game for valentines.

The rules are simple.

  1. Game is open to all, anonymous and registered users.
  2. Every user must give out at least 3 of their favorite pairings.
  3. Pairings must be one-on-one
  4. One character can only be used once per user. For example, if you say Ise x Rias, then you cannot say Ise x Asia anymore.
    1. Pairings can be reused by another user.
  5. The competition will continue till February 14.
  6. The winning pair will be the pair with the most number of votes.

That's all thank you. Enjoy and play the game.

  1. Ise x Rias
  2. Sirzechs x Grayfia & Yuuto x Tsubaki

Pairing Votes Nominees
Ise x Rias 11 B214, Ixa, Otaku, Era, Darth, anon x3, DK17, THDG, Mal66
Sirzechs x Grayfia 8 B214, anon x2, Darth, DK17, THDG, Celoer, Mal66
Yuuto x Tsubaki 8 B214, anon x3, DK17, THDG, Celoer, Mall66
Ise x Akeno 2 INoto, AKH
Vali x Kuroka 1 INoto
Gasper x Valerie 6 INoto. anon x2, B214, DK17, THDG
Saji x Sona 5 Ixarising, anon, DK17, THDG, Mal66
Sairaorg x Kuisha 7 Ixa, Otaku, anon, darth, DK17, B214, THDG
Yuuto x Tosuka 2 Otaku, anon
Vali x Sona 1 Otaku.
Seekvaira x Alivian 1 Reg22
Rias x Riser 1 Reg22
Azazel x Gabriel 1 Reg22
Momo x Saji 1 Eraserwan
Baraqiel x Shuri 4 Eraserwan, anon x2, THDG
Ise x Xenovia 2 anon, Celoer
Susan x Horii 1 anon
Ise x Kuroka 1 Npn
Serafall x Sirzechs 1 Npn
Kiba x Koneko 1 Npn
Rose x Rias 1 AKH
Kuroka x Le Fay 1 AKH
Diodora x Raynare 1 anon
Yasaka x Ise 1 anon
L Gremory x Venelana 2 anon, THDG
Serafall x Sona 1 anon
Arthur x Ellaine 1 THDG
Michael x Gabriel 1 THDG
Riser x Yubelluna 1 THDG
Ddraig x Tiamat 1 B214
Vali x Akeno 1 Maltron66
Gasper x Koneko 1 Maltron66
Riser x Yubelluna 1 Maltron66

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