Okay i've had enough of people coming in here and there asking and i'm tossing this to solve everything. I'll even link this to the main page.

The meaningless FAQs in the wikia.

  1. When is season 4 coming?
  2. Is Volume 22 the last volume?
  3. Why isn't the wikia up to date?


  1. I don't know, no one else knows either. None of us are TNK staff, we don't know what is TNK planning. The main point you need to understand is Season 4 hasn't been announced.
  2. No, it's the beginning of the last arc. Ishibumi already said, he'll expand the last arc properly in a way that all the heroines will receive exposure. Volume 22 is the starting point only, more volumes will come. You can expect between 25 to 30 volumes.
  3. It'll be updated once Volume 21 is fully translated.

Anime news corner for Season 4 as of July 13, 2016: NOT ANNOUNCED.

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