This is something i've considered for a while now and after seeing the anon's edit i feel like maybe i should progress with this. I'm considering to remove the relationship pages from the wiki. There are few users to edit those pages even among the active users and it's quite hard to write an exact detail of their relationships.

This discussion is closed. The result of this discussion is:
Relationship pages won't be removed for the moment
Please do not edit this discussion.

Another would be the splitting of Image Gallery, as everyone can see the Image Gallery for some of the characters are getting quite large so i'm considering to split the Image Gallery for those pages into 2 separate pages: Light Novel & Manga Gallery and Anime Gallery.

This discussion is closed. The result of this discussion is:
Large image galleries will be split
Please do not edit this discussion.

Third, after BorN i'm having a thought of adding an Other Media section for important characters (LN) that appears in the following work:

  1. OVAs
  2. BorN and other anime differences like Sona appearing early etc
  3. SLASHDOG (Brief description of their role)
  4. High School DxD EX (Will be discussed after all 6 parts are out)

Note: the third issue isn't really important and can be delay or even ignore.

Feel free to give out your thoughts over the issues mentioned.

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