Well basically since Season 3 will come in April, i guess i could try to do a brief review over the entire season 1. Season 1 covers the first 2 volumes of the LN, i'm sure many would know, and it's very slow paced. In fact, Season 1 even had space to insert short stories into it as fillers. But overall, it still did a good job. Of course, there are a few minor issues. Mainly like how the introduced Sona and her team early and took the dodgeball game from Volume 3. I kinda pity Saji though. He had no one to heal his well "buddy" like Ise had with Asia. I was also kinda pissed off that they aren't willing to have the Lord Gremory, Lord Phenex conversation. Seriously, you guys even hired VA for Sona's team even when they only had a voice appearance of one episode, why not the same for Lord Gremory and Phenex? If you're worried about the cost why not reuse another VA?Emoticon_facepalm.gif But this is not what i'm shocked and angry about. It's the fact that the anime producers are willing to show a cameo of a terribly made Sairaorg but they didn't insert Lord Gremory and Venelana. Aren't those Rias' parents is it that hard to insert a cameo for them as well. =___=

Of course, Season 1 also did some good job on minor details like introducing the Raynare's followers whose names were only mentioned. And they managed to link the flow of the story quite well even if the changed they did on the plot, like how they changed the Dress Break backstory. The Rating Game was properly animated, though a few things changed but still acceptable, and the Scale Mail was quite well made though it only appeared briefly. But I believe that i say this for everyone who reads the LN, the epilogue for Season 1 is too rushed and they made terrible use of the epilogue over characters like Kendo Girls, M&M and Momo (The alarm clock girl).

I suppose that's all i have to say. I'll post a review for the entire season 2 somewhere in between January and February. Now then goodbye. Remember to share your thoughts on Season 1. 

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