So we start with Issei transfering power to Rias, but no avail, everyone else attack but to no avail too. Kokabiel reveals God died, everyone is shocked, Asia fainted (seriously over a dead being from long ago). Issei after hearing Rias' incentive, manage to gain a huge boost in strength and manages to punch Kokabiel. Everyone's spirit is revived and prepare to fight until barrier suddenly breaks. Vali arrives and kicks Kokabiel's ass like he's a ragged dog. Vali then leaves after taking Kokabiel and Freed, Issei is angry that he lost the chance to suck Rias' breast. Kiba apologizes to Rias and makes up with his friends (loved that they played Trip Innocent of D intrusmental in that scene), Xenovia looks on. Next day, Xenovia arrives in the Occult Research Clubroom, revealing that she is now a Devil, everyday lives goes on. After ending song, we see Issei playing with his client until the client shows 12 Black Wings and introduces himself as Azazel, leader of Fallen Angel.

With this the Excalibur of the Moonlight Schoolyard ends and the next arc starts.



  • Story: 10/10
  • Fight: 10/10
  • Fanservice: 5/10
  • Overall: 8.33
Favourite moment

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