So we see Issei and the others changing into priest clothing before going on different sides of the town. Kiba decides to go to Viser's abandoned house, finds Freed and the 2 starts fighting. Some high speed battle takes place, we also see Saji's Sacred Gear, Absoprtion Line, in action. Valper the old freak apears, Valper teaching Freed how to wield Excalibur Rapidly, cuts Saji's line heads to Kiba, Xenovia and Irina arrive, the two then escape. Kiba, Xenovia and Irina chased the two, leaving Issei, Koneko and Saji. Rias and Sona then arrives and Issei and Saji gets punish (1,000 spankings) Laughing. Back as Hyoudou Residence, Asia greets Issei and Rias in a naked apron, Rias compliments Asia for taking the initiative, Rias appears in naked apron too Emoticon inlove.

Next day at school, another Preverted Trio Scene with Matsuda and Motohama asking Issei if he's troubled with who's breast to grope between Rias and Akeno. Ended in a funny way with Issei saying "Boobs weighs more than life" while the other 2 idiots seemed like the received some sort of great enlightment Laughing. Then at the Occult Research Club, Rias, Akeno and Koneko sends their familiars to search for the missing three, with Rias' Bat finding an injured Irina. They head there, Asia heals Irina, Sona, Tsubaki and Saji arrives. Tsubaki takes Irina to the Sitri residence. Freed appears, introduces his boss Kokabiel, i still wonder which part of Kokabiel seemed like a Fallen Angel, he's like a Vampire + Elf bastard. Kokabiel states purpose, attacks them as a small diversion and disappears. Rias orders her team to prepare for battle. At the Kuoh Academy, we see Freed and Valper inside a magic circle. Xenovia is at some roof somewhere, while Kiba is at the school O_O, wonder why they failed to find him when he's at school.



  • Story : 10/10
  • Fight : 5/10
  • Fanservice : 8/10
  • Overall : 7.67/10
The Episode

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