Thoughts on the episode

So the episode continues from the previous one showing Kiba and Freed fighting until Freed received an order to retreat, a short but good fight for those that think it's bad hey at least it showed the fight rather than the novel that didn't put any info about the fight. Then we change to see Issei waking up with Rias and Asia sleeping naked beside him (Dislike Issei you lucky bastard). After that we see Ddraig talking with Issei telling him on the Vanishing Dragon and an enemy with strong force. Then we see Sona and Tsubaki on their way to school and Sona notices 2 girls/exorcists with Holy Swords. Some random Issei and friends talk, then the Old School Building where Asia notices a sealed room with you know who in it. At the clubroom, Issei notice that Kiba is not there asked more about Kiba's past bla bla bla, then Akeno arrives with Sona and Tsubaki, the four then leaves. The screen changes to Issei and Asia heading back when they realize something wrong, Issei going worry mode for his mom rushes in and find two girls talking to his mom [ (-_-"), yeah i know, it was stupid to worry about it]. At Sona's house (specifically her bathroom), where the four of Rias, Akeno, Sona and Tsubaki are bathing Emoticon inlove. Rias and Akeno leaves, some random scene in Issei's room. Next day Irina and Xenovia goes to the ORC, told Rias to not interfere in their business. Tries to leave and notices Asis and the 2 insults her, Issei can't hold back anymore talk back to Xenovia, Yuuto barged in the argument, the four then decides to have a battle or sparring (though i don't really know the difference in this case -_- )



  • Story : 9/10
  • Fight : 2/10
  • Fanservice : 10/10
  • Overall : 7/10

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