Spoilers and updates for High school DxD Dx.4. You have been warned


High School DxD Light Novel - DX.4 quotes translation:

Credit goes to N0m@n for translation.




Spoilers for Dx4 as told through by various users in animesuki

Note some of the spoilers may be off so do be patient. Doubtful but a bit caution will do.

1. The serafall image is not serafall but Sona in costume doing her show for her

2. Cao Cao defeats Sairaorg (I should stress in the rating game. As in Cao Cao won because some of his team was left standing). Confirmed that Caocao and Sairaorg's fight ended because the time ran out.

3. Sona looses to Issei (Anybody surprised)

4. Ravel is able to defeat Tsubaki by using the Doujin that featured Kiba x Issei. Oh yea also its famous in the underworld now.

5. Apparently, not confirmed, Leonardo is not in Cao Cao's team.

6. Vali becomes popular in the underworld because he is a real lucifer (But he is only a half breed isn't he? Don't they look down on that, or is that just high class devils? Meh whatever)

7. Issei accidentally uses dress break on Irina and Rosseweisse while trying to aim at Ruruko, Irina is like whatever but Rosseweisse is mad that her new uniform is gone.

8. Perseus has a medusa shield (interesting)

9. Saji has a little sister (and a little brother apparently)

10. Elmenhilde fights against Rugal by using Gundam.

11. Xenovia defeats Sona and acknowledged her as a successor of the SC.

12. Seekvaira sent a Gundam figure to either Issei or Saji.

13. Ddraig and Vritra declared theyd keep fighting as long as their bodies could move, even if their consciousness left.

14. Bennia fights against Bova, with Bennia having the advantage.

15. Heracles is some how popular with the children of the underworld. The actually call him Uncle hercacles. Even giving him fake oppai dragon trading cards.

16. Cao Cao's team  Guan Yu Queen, Heracles rook, Connla rook (Irish Myth), knight Jeanne, Perseus knight, Georg Bishiop, Marsilio bishop, Pawns I guess are throw away members of the hero faction.

Volume 24

1. Apparently volume 24 will be starring both Kuroka and Koneko, so I'm actually excited about the cover of this one.

2. From the afterword of Dx4, Volume 24 will be the last part of the preliminaries