The discussion board for the last episode.

Review time!


  1. Great Red
  2. Juggernaut Drive
  3. Triana Hint
  4. Rias and Ise didn't remember their confession (V10 still safe guys!!!)
  5. Oppai Dragon \^__^/
  6. The sports festival ending (It's definitely a good one in my opinion)


  1. Flashback during fight? Why flashback, okay maybe it's fine but does it need to be that many? There were like several flashbacks.
  2. Ise using talk to rescue Rias, seriously why did you even donned the armor, and what's the purpose of your friends encouraging you to fight. Hell this ain't Naruto, this is DxD should have used Oppai to rescue Rias not talk. >___>
  3. No Loki, in the end it's only the curse, Loki wasn't even relevant, so i guess the JD became the real villain.


  1. The whale like creature in the Dimensional Gap....what if that's Chichigami or maybe it's 666. O___O We got spoiled. Emoticon_frustrated.gif

Who am i kidding if that's Chichigami, Ise will be shocked, and it looks kinda too cute(?) or tame(?) to be some legendary monster.Emoticon_heh.gif

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