Off to a good start for episode 2. The anime returns back to the plot with the LN.

They properly introduced Millicas and Venelana, and even expanded on Lord Gremory's role a bit. Not sure what happen to the Gasper eating like a nobleman part. =___=

The training segment wasn't all that bad, they showed a cameo of Okita. /(^_^)/ And Baraqiel is actually introduced already helping with her daughter's training. The training with Tannin wasn't so focused on, but still better than having it completely removed. They went and add a conversation between Ise and Sairaorg though. The other training is somewhat normal.....except Gasper.

The party was just covered so-so. They mentioned Odin already. So we'll get to see Rose next ep. Ravel appears again and they fixed her appearance. ^__^ No more flat chest. Zephydor looks like a Kokabiel who went punk. Well he won't reappear again so no point talking about him.

The fanservice in this episode is little to none, i don't mind that just make sure the plot is smooth. Oh and Koneko's past is covered though only on the same level as the LN. Emoticon_heh.gif .


  • Animation: 10/10
  • Plot: 8/10
  • Fight: n/a
  • Fanservice: 3/10
  • Overall: 7/10
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